What is a Revenue Management System and How Does it Benefit OOH Media Owners?

Owning many screens using platforms that connect to multiple Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) and marketplaces can make it difficult for you to identify which sales channel brings you the most revenue. 

Here’s where a Revenue Management System, or in short RMS, comes into play. It is a software solution that enables you to effectively and efficiently carry out tedious tasks revolving around managing revenue. Not all OOH media owners have the luxury of time to manually run through each revenue stream their business is tied to, to analyze and determine which areas in their business require attention.

A perfect RMS for OOH business owners should be able to connect across various sales channels like direct buying with brands, automated and programmatic media buys, online screen bookings and more. As a media owner, an RMS should assist you with inventory availability optimization, bookings and sales workflow management, inventory and package management, invoice generation and so on. Allowing your business to run smoothly, like the well-oiled machine you want it to be.

Subscribing to an RMS should help you manage your OOH business effectively while enabling you to maximize revenue and profitability. Giving you a clear picture of which investments of yours are working and which ones require changes.