Know Your Sites’ Performance Better than Anyone Else

 Acquire & Retain Advertisers with performance Data

Modern day marketers are no longer interested in media space or ad plays, they want to buy audiences and question the return on their investments.  Accountable media channels build trust and therefore attract more spending. LMX Measure enables you to provide campaign forecast and delivery metrics beyond just the ad plays. 

LMX Measure provides the most flexible methods to power your sites with OOH audience planning and measurement data. Our native solution is built on a US-patented algorithm that pulls data from multiple sources to provide these metrics.

The platform also allows you to plug in other external data sources including your own first party data solutions or even audience data collected from IoT devices like smart sensors and cameras.

Move to Audience Metrics

Give advertisers high-quality measurement data to plan or measure ad-campaigns

Build Trust for Your Media

Transparency builds trust - stand-out by providing deeper OOH insights

Provide Impression Multipliers

Switch to dynamic impression estimates for programmatic campaigns

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