OOH Media Owners: Here’s Why Your Supply-Side Platform (SSP) should Connect You to Multiple Demand Sources

SSPs and DSPs are pieces of advertising technology that play a fundamental role in the out-of-home (OOH) ecosystem. The main stakeholders depend on these platforms to ensure the campaigns they are involved in are not only automated but optimized to deliver effective communication. 
    A DSP is an ad-tech platform which is used by media buyers to automate and streamline their advertising campaigns, including those that include digital out-of-home (DOOH) media. It “links“ media buyers to media owners’ inventory. The purpose of a DSP is to enable and empower brands and media agencies to build, book, manage and analyze campaigns from various media owners or publishers and layer this with various data sources. They also facilitate different buying models.

    An SSP or sell-side platform on the other hand is a platform which was developed using the same technology, however, it is used by media owners to automate and streamline the selling of inventory. SSPs work like DSPs but from the other end of the transaction. In contrast to DSPs, an SSP works to sell your inventory while optimizing the yield from these opportunities.

Here’s the catch, not all SSPs are designed the same. Most SSPs are not all-rounders, they are created to take on a few elements from the great SSP structure.

    Some SSPs offer a direct connection to world’s leading DSPs to access the demand from prominent advertisers. Allowing you to be a part of their revolutionary OOH marketing strategies. Another thing to look out for is transparency and control over your deals and inventory. You would be able to see who is interested in your assets and you have the power to decide which inventory you want to be made visible to advertisers.

    Having an SSP that is integrated with a content management system will save you money and time. You will be able to manage and distribute your content accurately with barely any hassle. It’ll be an added advantage if the SSP you are attached to has a measuring element that can provide your clients with audience data. Advertisers are constantly looking for ways they can quantify the success of their campaigns. Being able to give them this data will push your inventory up the ladder.

    As a media owner, subscribing to a solution that provides you with an end-to-end service is the best way for you to increase your revenue and manage your inventory effectively.

Is Your Inventory Visible to Media Buyers?

As a media owner, the success of your business is dependent on the fill rate of your inventory. This is determined by the actions and decisions of advertisers - are they picking your sites for their ads?

    Partnering with a specialist Supply Side Platform would mean the availability of integrations with multiple DSPs, both omnichannel and specialist platforms, which are accessed by a greater number of advertisers.

    And obviously, this increases visibility, and more bookings mean more revenue. This opens up your business to new opportunities and more potential customers. 

Choosing the Right SSP for Your OOH Business

As a media owner, you have the flexibility to choose a combination that suits your OOH needs best. It is important for you to have an understanding of how these platforms connect and interact with each other.

There are many elements you should factor in before you decide. The industry has adopted these platforms to create transparency. It is important for buyers and sellers like you to work with experts to learn how to navigate the D/OOH world effortlessly while making the most of it.

Choosing the right SSP for your business should act as the solution to your challenges. Working with an ad tech expert can help you ask the right questions and find solutions to them. 

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