​​​ Trade your inventory programmatically with LMX Connect

Reach more buyers by trading you inventory programmatically

LMX Connect makes your inventory visible and accessible to many large advertisers and demand side partners. We are connected to some of the largest omnichannel and specialist DOOH Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to help make your network visible to local and global programmatic buyers.

LMX Connect keeps the Control with You

Seamlessly accept Programmatic Demand alongside Direct Buys by allocating specific slots or inventory to be available for Private or Open Exchanges. LMX Connect also provides best-in-class Custom Impression Multiplier integration and Creative Approval Workflows to keep you in control.

Connect to Programmatic Buyers

 Allow your network to play a part in omnichannel campaign executions

Connect without Boundaries

Enable brands to buy your inventory from anywhere in the world

Connect with Always-On Support

LMX partners and ad operations team will take you through every step

Get started today!